Web publishing tools!

1. Yola online Web Publisher (Gr. 9-12 recommended)

Yola is by far the most diverse and complete online web development tool I have ever come across.

external image synth-300x136.png
external image synth-300x136.png

Start from a template and construct a site with little or no technical skills needed! Synthasite handles all types of web content, it support embedding and layout is reasonably flexible. The free sign up is quick and easy.
The only downside to the site is that a teacher would not have control of the content.

2. Wix

The Wix website creation tool is truly amazing. It is the best of the tools by far for students Gr. 2-10. It has a very simplified signup, it supports multiple sites, the tool set is very extensive, it supports animation and all types of media. It is only lacking in embedding your own Web 2.0 media choices. Thus for an older grade I would still choose synthasite.
external image rauopeth-300x198.jpg
external image rauopeth-300x198.jpg

This site is amazing! http://www.wix.com/mistarau/opeth
Created by a individual in Wynyard High.
Check out my wix example as a website version here!
Here are some student samples:
Nokomis School - Grade 4 Whales and Literature Research! Whales1, Whales2, Whales3
Holdfast School - Creative Writing - The Twelve Days of Christmas! Xmas1, Xmas2, Xmas3, Xmas4, Xmas5, Xmas6
Teacher content samples:
1. To Kill A Mockingbird - ELA 20 Novel Study
2. Creative Writing 20 Course

3. Weebly
Weebly came onto the scene as an ultra simple drag and drop website construction tool. Although it is a little limited for the free edition you can certainly put it to good use. I have used it with Grades 4 and 5 successfully to create website in plant science.
external image weebly-300x76.jpg
external image weebly-300x76.jpg

Check out sample site I created here -> http://hzsdpowerpoint2000.weebly.com/
Any comments? Things to add?

4. Wetpaint - is it a blog, a wiki, or a website?

This is very graphical webwikiblog. It is very popular and operates like a wiki.
Check out wetpaint here.