SmartBoard Resources and Links


We have built a wiki for our SMART teachers that highlights websites, articles, and notebook files all about integrating the SMARTBoard. You can visit the wiki here: We encourage our teachers to add to and update on this site. We also continually add to this site and encourage you to do the same! This page has links to helpful notebook files for adding interactivity, games templates and training notebooks.

SMART Community

The SMART site has excellent resources for assisting educators with using SMARTBoard in their classrooms. Their site has two minute tutorials and information about different ways to use your SMART Board including:
  1. Digital Ink
  2. SMART Tools
  3. SMART Notebook
  4. Lesson Activity Toolkit

You can also search for Senteo and Notebook presentations that have been made by other educators. Remember that you can access this community within your notebook by going to the "Gallery Tab" and clicking on "Online Essential for Educators"

Senteo Interactive Response System

We demonstrated the Sento Response Quiz to show how easy this tool can be for formative and summative evaluation. The Senteo Interactive Response system works in combination with SMART Notebook to create interactive quizzes to use with your students. The following links to SMART provide some additional information on this tool.
Senteo Overview
Training Tutorials