Technology Integration

Goal: Why is technology integration important?
What should technology integration look like?
What tools do I have to support technology integration?

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1. Technology Literacy: An Evolutionary Definition

Information Technology Literacy
Learning Literacies for the 21st Century
  • information literacy is the ability to find, manipulate, and analyse information
  • traditional literacy skills need to include technological literacy or the ability to utilize and understand the impacts of technology.
  • heavy focus on technology to help filter and manage information
  • enter the world of Web 2.0
  • information literacy expands in definition as students now have the ability to CREATE and INTERACT with content and people through various tools.
  • new literacy skills emerge and literacy is further redefined.
  • teaching literacy and the skills to communicate effectively, ethically, accurately and compellingly emerge
  • teaching students the process and skills to be LEARNERS is the most important literacy
Resources for Additional Reading:
David Warlick: Redefining Literacy for the 21st Century Keynote Address
David Warlick: Concept Map for Learning Literacy
  • Exposing what is true
  • Employing Information
  • Expressing ideas compellingly
  • Using information ethically
Jamie McKenzie: Reading Across a Dozen Literacies
Additional Definitions of 21st Century Literacy

TASK: What do you recognize as a common skills that technology can be especially beneficial in helping to accomplish?

2. Best Practices for Technology Integration

Technology should be appropriately INTEGRATED with core curriculum. Technology is not a subject area but a vehicle to assist in achieving learning goals.
As such, best practices for technology integration generally refer to best practices for unit planning that achieve curriculum goals.

Teaching for Understanding Framework
Technology Integration Matrix

ISTE Standards for Technology Integration
10 Ideas for Getting Started with 21st Century Teaching and Learning:

TASK: What do you see as positive steps to help you improve technology integration in your classroom? Is there a connection between the skills for the 21st century and the tools for planning?