InTECHgrate Your Curriculum

Technology enables us to present answers to questions in new ways. It gives us opportunities to deepen our understanding and present authentic learning situations.

We already do many great things in our classrooms and technology provides an opportunity to do these things a little differently. Technology should also be integrated as a part of curriculum to meet curriculum outcomes.

Inquiry Learning

The Toolkit for Teachers manual outlines Project Based Learning as useful model for integrating technology with curriculum. The renewed curriculum has a heavy focus on Inquiry Learning as a learning model.
The Galileo Educational Network is an Alberta organization that has an extensive website resource on inquiry learning. There are sample classroom projects, rubrics for evaluating an inquiry-based classroom, essential questions for guiding inquiry-based units of study and assessment tools for evaluating inquiry skills.

Classroom Projects

The following links are updates of ideas to the resources in your Toolkit for Teachers:
1. Webquests
- remember that you can create your own class webquests using wikis or even PowerPoint and share it with other classrooms.

2. Web Design
- free online graphic organizers include;;
- wikis can also be useful for web page design, especially for collaborative web page or content design.
- Sea Monkey is a free online tool for web page design.

3. Online Portfolios
- blogs, wikis, and even PowerPoint allow students to embed work, write reflections, and even invite feedback from others.
- Mahara is a downloadable e-Portfolio tool for building more professional portfolios.

4. Telecollaborative Projects
- see our link under Collaboration Tools within this wiki.
- remember that you can create your own projects and invite others in to collaborate using your own learning networks.

5. Multi-media Projects
- try a multi-media project using PowerPoint; use hyperlinks and embed video, audio, and images
- create a photostory with images and sound
- use Google Earth as the platform for your presentation and "mash" the content you create into your Google Earth tour.

Advance Learning Opportunities

The eJournalism project is one in which Regina Catholic School's students attend events as ejournalists. As ejournalists, student rotate through stations, creatingvarious media projects such as videos, slideshows, comic books, podcasts, newsletters and more. This is authentic learning at its best and covers a wide range of curricula such as ELA, CPT, Photographics, and more. To find out more about eJournalism and view student works click here.
This is the premiere film and animation festival for high school students in Regina Catholic Schools. The goals of this event are to share the creative efforts of students across our system, have industry professionals provide feedback, and have a fun time during the festival gala. To find out more click here.

More InTECHgration ideas can be found on this blog