Microsoft Photo Story is a free application that allows users to create a show and tell presentation. You can import pictures from you camera, use images from the net (check for copyright), do voice overs, import music (check for copyright), or select premade music that is included. This program is like 'Power Point Lite' and one will be able to create slideshows that you can upload or burn to a CD or DVD. Let's have a quick demo.
Go here to get Photostory
Go here to get a quick overview handout photostory3.pdf
Here is a Photostory Tutorial Video


Audacity is a free, cross platform (MAC or PC), open source piece of software that creates and edits audio files. You can create audio plays, podcasts, news reports, basically whatever story you want to tell. You can export the files as .mp3 or .wavs, so you can make CDs, send audio files home, upload them on a wiki such as this one, or even upload on an iPod or mp3 player. Let's have a quick demo.
Go here to get Audacity
Go here to get Lame (mp3 encorder program for Audacity)
Go here to get a quick overview handout audacity-quickstart.pdf
Here is an Audacity Tutorial Video
Fix up your podcast using levelator.


VoiceThread is a Web 2.0 tool where you can upload almost any digital media ranging from a photo to a powerpoint presentation and share it online. The neat thing about it is that it allows other viewers/users to make comments in 5 different ways. Comments can be made by using voice (microphone or telephone), text, audio file, or video. Let's have a quick demo.
Go Here to get to VoiceThread
Go here to get a quick overview handout VTEducatorsGuide.pdf or here
Go Here to view a slideshow with Seventeen Classroom Integration Ideas and Tips for Using VoiceThread:
Here is a VoiceThread Tutorial Video

Fantastic web driven story publishing (Horizon School Student Sample)
- Has a teacher dashboard and all accounts are managed by teacher.

MyEbook -

Guide your readers through an interactive journey of text, pictures and video in a very cool reader.
The online book editor is very powerful! I love this one for older students .... a readable journey.
The neatest thing is you can upload pdfs to publish online! Publish those iphotobooks! Freinds Sample!

Myebook - The Cherry Tree Carol - click here to open my ebook
TrakAX - a free garage band like tool! It does not have the band in a box idea otherwise very similar.

Online Notebooks - create a notbook online (tinkered on but never used in ed setting)

Animate A Story - create an animation

Digital Story Telling Resources

Digital Stories : Your one stop shop for digital story ideas and resources
Visual Literacy : how to plan a success video project