Cool Tools to Explore

We could list an endless number of sites here that teachers and students can incorporate into different projects. We will list and briefly discuss ten here.

It is important to remember that these tools are on the web and are not all limited to education. Teachers do not have control over public content loaded to these sites which, unfortunately, sometimes makes these harder to use.

Glogster: create online, active posters with embedded images and sound.
Wordle: play with words by creating "tag clouds" or "word clouds"
BubbleUs: create graphic organizers with this easy to use site.
Voki: text to speech generator
Jing: create screencasts for online tutorials
SumoPaint: Online image editor
DoInk : Online drawing and animation tool
Chogger : Online comic creator
Looplabs : Online audio mixer
Animoto : Online slideshow creator : Online Story / Activity Creator : create an online glossy magazine, let your readers respond. web page creation of web lists in a snap with website images on the page

Bonus Resource
Spelling City : add spelling lists or access spelling lists already made ... teaches, tests, and makes interactive games based on words you create and can save spelling lists
Simple K12: 101 Free Web Tools, Virtual Field Trip Toolkit

Other: guestbooks, slideshows, funpix etc. (I really like the guestbook cause can filter the posts) : online timer to motivate your students. : use your webcam. choose a scene and take a snapshot. : want a new way to present a presentation! Try online postering with paths! Zoom in on pertinent content.
taggalaxy: - mash of tags based photos. online presentation software - upload your ppt and keep creating! - create a number of different widgets to add functionality to your blog.

imagetricks (mac and free only),
scratch ( : want online creation tools? Here is a list of web 2.0 tools for your pleasure!

More Creative Commons information:
Not sure where to start? Do a Yahoo creative common search for music, video or pictures or check out the smorgasborg available at Internet Archive.
There are plenty of free soundFX libraries out there! Here are some of my favs. Want more ... massive list here.

external image start_logo.gif
external image start_logo.gif
(requires username and password)
(mac based sounds)

There are plenty of free loop and soundtrack libraries out there! Here are some of my favs.

SampleSwap Forum Index
SampleSwap Forum Index

SampleSwap Forum Index ||=
ccmixter.JPG ||=
freeloops.JPG ||

Want to record your own sound effects?

Check out audacity or Hi-Q Recorder

Or go online and play with some of these!

Smartboard and Math?The National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
- a library of interactive web-based virtual manipulatives for K-12 Math learning. Based on the NCTM Standards, these are sorted by grade groupings and Math topics. Each manipulative page includes Instructions, Standards, Parent/Teacher information, and Activities.